About Jerry


Jerry grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY, attended Purdue University to study mechanical engineering, and then moved to Chicago where he resided for twelve years prior to moving to the Philadelphia area, where he now resides with his wife, Edelina Schuman.

Jerry has had the pleasure of working for some historic and iconic companies such as Cardinal Health, GlaxoSmithKline, and Dun & Bradstreet. Jerry has always been passionate about “fixing things” and formally learned about Lean Six Sigma while working for Cardinal Health.

Jerry has held various leadership positions throughout his career and is a graduate of the Landmark Forum, which added another set of tools to his way of being and understanding life and how to better to communicate with people.

Jerry has been writing on and off in small doses for about fifteen years. It started with the company newsletter at Ocean Spray where he wrote short, positive motivational pieces. He coauthored an article with two former GSK colleagues, and after a few rejections, it was improved, submitted, accepted, and published in Lean Six Sigma Forum Magazine in August of 2017. A very proud moment indeed for Jerry and his partners.

Jerry loves to read and listen to podcasts. He is inspired by an idea called “The Edge,” where one discipline or school of thought blends into another (as he explains in the introduction on how this book came to existence).

Speaking Engagements

Jerry has spoken at nearly a dozen conferences and podcasts over the last five years and welcomes the opportunity to chat about future possibilities. Reach out anytime to discuss any spots you might want to fill in your program.

My Partners